About us


Hello! My name is Svetlana and I welcome you in to our cattery. I had a passion for Siberians cats since my childhood, when I had Siberian cat Shere Khan (the tiger from The Jungle Book). After many years, with the support of my family, I decided to open a place where I can breed Siberian cats and enjoy their loving and passionate company.


Why do I love Siberians? It’s an easy question. They reflect my personality. It’s been a passion from my early years and I always loved these majestic animals and always wanted to have them at home. They are extremely smart, gracious, beautiful, and they share their love to their masters but always respect the laws given to them. They will adapt to whoever you are. So you see, our kittens are not average kittens, but are pieces of our hearts and love. We love every cat in our home, we respect their feline personality and in turn, our cats respect and love us.


Why did we name it Lavalier Cattery? Because this is the second hobby that has become our business and passion, the first one being Jewellery, Lavalier Jewellery. We treat our cats like precious pieces of jewellery that make this world beautiful. So if you are looking for a friend and a companion, and to find a Jewel amongst other cats, just let us know and together we’ll find the kitten of your dream.


Yours sincerely,


Svetlana Melnik and the rest of Lavalier Cattery.

Ottawa - Ontario - Canada

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